Jan Gillar

June 24, 1904 in Příbor, Czechia
May 7, 1967 in Prague (Praha), Czechia

Gillar studied between 1922 and 1925 architecture with Josef Gočár at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. After his studies he got employed in private design offices. His projects included buildings and interior design. He enforced with his architecture ideas from the programme of the "scientific functionalism". Gillar was a friend of Karel Teige, who elaborated the idea of a "scientific functionalism". Gillar was like Teige convinced, that architecture was not art, but should primarily satisfy physical needs. His architectural models of social housing were strongly influenced by architects from abroad. Just two are mentioned here: Hannes Meyer from Germany and the Soviet Constructivists, from whom he adopted the idea of "collectivisation". Even though, that the "scientific functionalism" is considered to be radically anti-aesthetic, Gillar's buildings, with their puristic façades, have immensely balanced proportions and something very clean.


Liberec, Czechia
Department store Brouk + Babka Liberec

Prague (Praha), Czechia
Villa Nad Bertramkou 1

Prague (Praha), Czechia
Single family house Nad Bertramkou 4

Prague (Praha), Czechia
Apartment house Dům Karla Teigeho (Karel Teige's house)