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We dedicate this archive to all who share our interest and passion for the architecture of the interwar period (1920s-1940s), its architects and stories. Enjoy! Read more about us and the project here.

Modernist Architecture

This collection contains at the moment 536 modernist buildings, 443 architects and 241 developers in several countries. The building selection is done by us on the base of certain criteria, read which.

Modernism in architecture is referred to by many names, depending on the region, language and context, e.g. Neues Bauen, Bauhaus, klassische Moderne, International Style, De Stijl, Razionalismo, Avant-garde, Interwar-Style, Modernist Era and many more. If you are interested in facts and terms, visit our facts collection.

For a general overview: Our modernism map keeps track of all archived places where you can find modernist buildings.

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