About the project modernism-in-architecture.org (MIA)

Hello, nice to meet you.

We are Frank Dietze and Norma Driske from Leipzig, Germany. Two friends with a passion for an architectural style called modernism in architecture or international style. A style that emerged in the period between the two world wars (1918-1939).

For quite a while it had been the regular habit that Norma (being a programmer with almost no knowledge of architecture beyond that of software) kept asking Frank (being an art historian and professional tour leader with all the knowledge of architecture except that of software) about facts and contexts of places and modernist buildings we visited during our trips and walks. And Frank always had the good answers that Norma unfortunately couldn’t remember for long ;-) So we came up with the idea to merge our skills and persist the knowledge of Frank in a medium Norma can build and that can be visited again and again...

Norma Driske Frank Dietze, Osthorizonte

So modernism-in-architecture.org (MIA) was born and we collect on this page our pics and knowledge for everyone out there who shares our passion for this interesting architectural period (and for those who have a memory lack like Norma).

Recently our friend Martina from Prague joined us as a supporter and photographer. We are also supported by our partners Christina and Falko, and other friends who donate some time shooting pics during their travels.

If you have questions, any additions, you know about some interesting places we should feature or just want to say hi, please get in touch. You find us on instagram too. This web project is kept open source on GitHub, contributions are very welcome.

If you are interested in a guided tour to one of the MIA places, please contact Frank on osthorizonte.com. He is happy to visit them together with you.