Single family house Nad Bertramkou 4 (1934)

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Jan Gillar

Address and directions

Nad Bertramkou 2158/4
150 00 Prague (Praha), Czechia

Public transport: Mrázovka Bus 153

Today's use: Single family house


Unfortunately, this house is not in good condition. But the clear signature of Jan Gillar's architecture is still visible. The windows, arranged as ribbons, are a kind of decoration for the house.

Since information about the house is still missing, it is not clear whether the 3rd floor is original. One reason for the doubt are the shape of the windows, which do normally not appear in Gillar's work in this way. On the north-western side, the staircase can be seen as a kind of oriel on the house. Particularly interesting about this element of the building are the windows on the 3rd floor, as they are typical for Gillar. This observation leads to the doubts of which year the 3rd floor dates from. Due to the doubts, we also do not want to make any statements about the general shape of the house yet.

Currently, the ground floor and the 2nd floor are painted white, whereas the 3rd floor and the northern and eastern facades are only plastered and not painted. Further details coming soon.


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