Hellmuth Schröder

Oct. 29, 1888 in Mamonowo (Мамоново), Russia
April 6, 1939 in Szczecin, Poland

He studied between 1907 and 1911 in Gdańsk, today Poland. From 1919 he started to work as the City building council in Gdańsk, since 1927 in Cottbus, Germany.

Apart from the Waldschule (Forest school) in Cottbus-Madlow, all his buildings are still preserved in Cottbus. His tenure in Cottbus had a style-defining effect on the city's architecture, as he established the international style in Cottbus. Furthermore, the Cottbus Police office at Mauerstraße 5 and his own residence at Thiemstraße 118 are preserved. Since both buildings do not correspond to the categories of our site, they are not included. The National Socialist government dismissed Schröder from office in 1937. The reason was his membership in the Masonic Lodge Johannisloge. He and his wife died in a car accident and were buried in Szczecin, Poland.



Cottbus, Germany
Fire station (Feuerwache)

Cottbus, Germany
Town hall

Cottbus, Germany
VII. Gemeindeschule