Svaz československého díla SČSD (Czechoslovakian Werkbund)


The Czechoslovakian Werkbund wanted to join art, crafts and industry according to the German Werkbund. The first attempts were made in 1914 by Jan Kotěra, who founded the Czech Werkbund. However, due to World War I, this project failed. Josef Gočár became the first chairman of the Czechoslovakian Werkbund. In 1921 they started to publish the magazine Výtvarná práce (Creative work), the magazine Žijeme between 1931 and 1933 and organised several exhibitions to present all areas of dwelling, working and living.

The architectural project of the Svaz československého díla is the Baba Estate in Prague, organised a realised between 1928 and 1932

In 1948 the Werkbund became part of Ústředí lidové a umělecké výroby (Head-office of Folk art production).



Prague (Praha), Czechia

Prague (Praha), Czechia
Single family house "Pavel Janák" of the Baba Estate

Prague (Praha), Czechia
Single family house "Karel Balling" of the Baba Estate