Single family house "Karel Balling" of the Baba Estate (1933)

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Hana Kučerová-Záveská


Svaz československého díla SČSD (Czechoslovakian Werkbund) , Karel Balling

Address and directions

Na Babě 1781/5
160 00 Prague (Praha), Czechia

Public transport: Sídliště Baba / U Matěje

Today's use: single family house

A woman architect was an exception in the interwar period.


Like all houses in the Baba Colony, this house was adapted to the terrain, which is slightly increasing. The street facade to the north is at the highest point. The living room areas face south and provide a good view over the houses on Nad Paťankou Street below.

The construction is made of a reinforced concrete skeleton filled with Petráš blocks (30 cm thick). The ceilings are made of concrete made by so called Simplex blocks. The window frames were made of metal. The architect used a very special kind of sliding windows, that can be opened up. The floors were covered with rubber. The floor plan of the ground floor clearly divides the basic functions: the living space is oriented to the garden and is organized into three functions - study, living room and dining area, connected by a glass wall with a terrace and a staircase to the garden. The bedroom floor is equipped with richly dimensioned wardrobe facilities and a corner winter garden to the southwest. The roof is furnished as a sun terrace.Originally there was an elevator for eating and already a telephone in the house.


One of the architect's two houses in the Baba Estate.


  • Slavné vily Prahy 6 Osada Baba 1932-1936, 2013
Construction types
reinforced concrete
casement sliding ribbon
awning balcony railing roof terrace garage pillar
with/in a garden periphere/neighbourhood


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