František Stalmach

Sept. 10, 1903 in Ostrava, Czechia
Sept. 22, 1985 in Hillsburg, Canada

František Stalmach finished his studies in Brno in 1924 and in Prague in 1927. During his years in Prague he was a student of Josef Gočár. His fellow student Jan Hanuš Svoboda became his collegue in 1929. They opened a joint office and designed until the early 1940s many buildings all over Czechia, very often banks. Round shapes often determine the architecture of their houses.

In 1948 the communist party took over the power in Czechoslovakia. Stalmach emigrated with his collegue Svoboda to Western Germany. From there he went to Canada in 1951. He worked until the early 1980s as an architect.



Železný Brod, Czechia

Prague (Praha), Czechia
Palace (Palác) Atlas