Savings bank (spořitelna) and Museum (muzeum) (1934)

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Jaroslav Böhm, Jindřich Freiwald

Address and directions

náměstí 3. května
468 22 Železný Brod, Czechia

Public transport: Autobusové nádraží (Bus terminal)

Access: Public building, free entry during working hours

Today's use: Museum and bank

The construction seems to be a bit crazy, that's funny.


Older houses on the north side of the market had to be demolished for this building. This did not happen without protest. That is why on wooden house of the so called Klemencovsko was integrated into the building. It is a half-timbered log building (in English also Upper Lusatian house), typical of the region. Basically, only the outer shell was retained. The new building is a mixture of several cubic shapes and different window shapes, sizes and colours. Additionaly the cladding material is marked by a mixture of different stones and colours. The entrance takes up the arched shape of the old wooden houses. The two figures, allegories of work (by Jaroslav Brychta) and thrift (by Ladislav Přenosil), are placed above the entrance as a reference to the bank and morality. A nice detail is the facade along Štefánikova Street, incorporating the street's curve into the architecture. The inner centre of the building is used as a patio with a glass fountain (by Alois Metelák).


In addition to the two Prague architects, local artists from the Glass school also participated in the construction of this new building. They were also members of the museum's association. The first plans for a new museum building were made in 1924. After a few years, the plans for this building were drawn in 1931 and realised from 1934 to 1936. On this website are some pictures, also showing the original plans. They show, that the house was designed with two storeys in 1934. It was decided in 1935, as construction works were already in progress, to built one more storey.

Nowadays the museum has a slightly larger exhibition area than originally. The building is listed since 2018.

A similar multifunctional building used by a bank and the city museum was also built in Bautzen, Germany a few years earlier.



Construction types
reinforced concrete
stone ceramics
terrace sculpture canopy lettering arcaded sidewalk
along a street centre of a city/town/village


Gallery image of Savings bank (spořitelna) and Museum (muzeum) Gallery image of Savings bank (spořitelna) and Museum (muzeum) Gallery image of Savings bank (spořitelna) and Museum (muzeum)