Václav Ševčík's house (Dům Václava Ševčíka) (1937)

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Antonín Navrátil

Address and directions

Náměstí Eduarda Husserla 1638/6
796 01 Prostějov, Czechia

Public transport: Svatoplukova

Today's use: Multifunctional building

The light strips along the facade are a major detail of the interwar architecture.


This house stands out next to the older buildings at this little square. No ornamentation was used, only a frame from the ground floor over the left side to the upper part of the house serves as a kind of decoration. These glass boxes clearly highlighted the building with light at night. The ground floor houses shops. From the first to third floors are flats with one flat per floor. Ribbon windows are used on each of that floors, giving the building a harmonious aesthetic. On the right side is added a long flagpole.

The literature does not mention anything about the construction method, but we assume a reinforced concrete construction for this plastered house.



The building was constructed in 1937. It was commissioned by Navrátil from fortographer Václav Sevcik. He had his shop and studio on the ground floor. To this day, a small area is used as a photo shop.

In the first years the effect of the house was emphasised by a large advertising for the shop in the upper part of the house. Clickhere to see some historical pictures.

casement fixed ribbon
flagpole illumination
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Gallery image of Václav Ševčík's house (Dům Václava Ševčíka) Gallery image of Václav Ševčík's house (Dům Václava Ševčíka)