House of Elfriede Arnold (1933)

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Elfriede Arnold

Address and directions

Bělehradská 2042/2
400 01 Ústí nad Labem, Czechia

Public transport: Revoluční

Today's use: Apartments and shop

The V-shaped house at a Y junction.


The house stands on a very prominent point, making it very eye-catching. Approaching from Velká hradební Street, the house is elevated and looks very imposing. It should also be mentioned, that it was built at a Y junction, affecting the houses' V-shaped design. Three long oriels were attached to the house, giving it an expressive character, which is reinforced by the inserted round windows in contrast to the angular windows.

The window sizes, but even more the doors on the ground floor are very small, in order to possibly reduce material costs.
The addition of thermal insulation has altered the plasticity of the house, as the building now appears more massive.

The apartement house Na Stráži in Teplice could have been an inspiration for this house.

On this website are two pictures, which show the house in different states, at different times.


The question of the architect is not entirely clear. Although stamps of the architect Josef Fischer were found on the building plans, it is suspected that the architect could also be Franz Josef Arnold. The conjecture is explained that the building dimension speak for this, as well as the common surname with the house owner Elfriede Arnold. They were certainly not husband and wife, as she lived in Germany and he in Austria after World War II.



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