Martin Eltis

Aug. 1, 1888
Oct. 20, 1969

Notes about his life we used from an online family tree. He went to school in Rădăuți, Romania and studied law in Vienna. He was not born as Martin. The documents show Mordko as his first name. It is not known when he changed his first name, most probabbly when he started to work in Česká Lípa, Czechia and later in Varnsdorf, Czechia.

He married Marie Eltis in May 1920, she was born with the name Schnitzer. Her family converted from Judaism to Christianity before her birth. The Nazis expropriated them and they lost their house in Varnsdorf in the early 1940s. Both survived the war, and are buried at the St. Michael's Courtyard Monkton Combe in Bath, UK.


Varnsdorf, Czechia
Eltis's villa (Eltisova vila)