Josef Volman

Nov. 14, 1883 in Žebrák, Czechia
April 16, 1943 in Čelákovice, Czechia

Volman gained professional experience in the field of machine tools and from 1905 to 1910 while studying chemistry in the USA. He then went to Čelákovice and opened a machine-building factory. Due to World War I, he and his staff had to go to war. In the process he fell into Serbian captivity.
After the foundation of Czechoslovakia, Volman became a successful businessman. In 1940 he exported the company's products to more than 30 countries. Besides he tried to support the workers of his company. He also participated in the financing of many local associations and in the construction of the Hussite church in Čelákovice in 1935. In World War II he paid for active resistance against the German occupiers. In addition, he hid parts of the Tomáš Masaryk Library, which the first Czechoslovak President Masaryk established as a public library to strengthen philosophy and democracy.


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Čelákovice, Czechia
Villa Volman (Volmanova vila)