Christoph & Unmack


A company that was involved in timber construction, wagon construction and mechanical engineering.
The construction of wooden houses and barracks is focused on our website. The contruction for wooden buildings was improved with the main the work of the main architect Konrad Wachsmann. This included the screw-free construction of a house, in which the mortise and tenon technique was further processed into the so-called Wachsmann node
In addition to civilian buildings, the company produced barracks for the army. The barracks for the German concentration camps were then developed from these.
In Niesky, where the company's headquarters were located until 1946, model settlements with wooden houses, a wooden church and a shop were built throughout the whole town. In this way, the company created a lively advertisement. The buildings are still preserved.



Niesky, Germany
Konrad Wachsmann's House