Robert Amann

June 7, 1881 in Donaueschingen, Germany
Feb. 12, 1954 in Karlsruhe, Germany

Robert Amann was a German architect. He studied at the TH Karlsruhe and was head of the municipal structural engineering office in Karlsruhe from 1911-1945. During his work he was responsible for the design and construction of numerous buildings in the area. Among them were the buildings of the Rheinstrandbad Rappenwört, the beach restaurant and the changing rooms.

Although Amann had been a member of the SPD in the 1920s, he joined the NSDAP in 1932. In 1945, he was dismissed from his leadership post by the French military authorities. His application for reinstatement was rejected.



Karlsruhe, Germany
Rheinstrandbad Rappenwört