Karel Lhota

Aug. 12, 1894 in Prague (Praha), Czechia
May 1, 1947 in Prague (Praha), Czechia

He studied at the Prague Technical University (ČVUT) with the teachers Jan Koula, Josef Fanta, Alois Čenský and Antonín Balšánek until 1923. It took a long time, because he was drafted as a soldier in World War I. He mostly worked in Prague and Brno and got in contakt with Adolf Loos. He wrote articles about interiors and design in one of the main Czechoslovak magazins for architecture SIA, in which he introduced the work of Adolf Loos to the Czech-speaking public.

He became seriously ill in 1945 and did not longer work as an architect.


Prague (Praha), Czechia
Winternitz's villa