Karel Houra

May 3, 1902 in Hvožďany pod Třemšínem, Czechia
Jan. 23, 1989 in Sušice, Czechia

After studying in České Budějovice, Karel Houra worked an learned how to built in Prague. He opened his own construction company in Sušice in 1927.

He was very into history and renovated castles in the region of Sušice, such as Velhartice or Rožmitál po Třemšínem. On the other hand he tried to establish the ideas of modern architecture in Sušice.

Although he was in the resistance against the German occupants during World War II, he was sentenced to four years imprisonment after the war. During the Prague Spring (around 1968) he tried to be rehabilitated. At the end he was, but after his death in 1991.



Sušice, Czechia

Sušice, Czechia
Kotrch's mill (Kotrchův mlýn)