Josef Marek

Jan. 17, 1889 in Petrovice, Czechia
Jan. 17, 1966 in Brno, Czechia

He created a number of impressive interwar buildings in Slovakia. He studied in Brno at the School of Civil Engineering until 1909 and in Prague at the Academy of Fine Arts (Akademie vytvarných umění) from 1912-14, where he came into contact with the latest trends.

In 1910-12 he worked in the office of Dušan Jurkovič, who recommended Marek to work for the Office for the Protection of Monuments in Bratislava in 1919. This marked the beginning of Marek's life and work in Slovakia, where he became an independent architect from 1923. As a pensioner, he moved to Brno. His estate is administered by the Brno City Museum (Muzeum města Brna).

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Bratislava, Slovakia
Apartment block Avion