Apartment block Avion (1931)

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Josef Marek

Address and directions

Americké námestie 1; Floriánske námestie 1A, 2, 2A; Májkova 2, 2B; Odborárske námestie 1, 2
811 07 Bratislava, Slovakia

Public transport: Americké námestie Tram 3, 4, Bus 207, 208

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An exciting building that forms an entire block. This building illustrates very well how the architect Josef Marek implemented his focus on urbanism, in which this block defines its surroundings. With its strinking architecture it shapes the urban space. Would further development of this city district have been possible, this building would have represented the beginning.

The northwest side (Floriánske námestie), the northeast side (Májkova) and the southeast side (Odborárske námestie) are closed façades. The south-west façade (Americké námestie) differs, because it is open. Only the ground floor and the 1st floor run along the square as a closed band. Towards the top, the building is open and provides views into the two inner courtyards. At the edge, there are 6-storey blocks, in the middle the tower-like building rises up to 7 storeys. The inscription "Avion" is affixed to the very top of this central section.

The building is a reinforced concrete skeleton, which was filled with poured concrete.

The plans for the building date from 1929. Construction began in 1931 and the opening took place in 1932. That b

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