Bernhard Sturtzkopf

Dec. 12, 1900 in Wellerode, Germany
March 26, 1972 in Bückeburg, Germany

Around 1920-22 he studied at the Bauhaus Weimar and got to know very well Theo van Doesburg. From 1924 he worked in Walter Gropius' office and co-designed all the well-known buildings of the Dessau Bauhaus. From 1928 he worked in Zwickau and became the architect and site manager for the Schocken building office. 
After World War II, he remained active in Zwickau without becoming politically involved. In 1962 he left the GDR and settled in Bückeburg, West Germany, as a pensioner. It is assumed that he was subsequently erased from the architectural history of the GDR because he descided to live in West Germany. His name started to appear hesitantly in publications after 1990 again.



Zwickau, Germany
Schocken Zwickau

Chemnitz, Germany
Schocken Chemnitz