Nad Krocínkou 66 (1933)

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Ludvík Hilgert

Address and directions

Nad Krocínkou 647/66
190 00 Prague (Praha), Czechia

Public transport: Krocínka

Today's use: Villa

One year after Hajn's villa this villa was built. Both interwar villas are particularly valuable in terms of quality and art history in Prague-Vysočany.


The house has a square basic shape with a central structure that has three floors. The entrance is on the north side. An interesting entrance zone is accentuated by a small canopy. It can be assumed that the kitchen and probably the bath room adjoin on the north side on the ground floor.

The large windows of the house are on the south side. Behind those windows is most likely the living room. Due to the sloping position, the basement rooms become the ground floor on the south side. On the south-eastern side, one part of the basement rooms protrude from the structure. On the top floor, part of the square cube is cut out, resulting in a terrace.

To the east, the cube building was given a porch with a large window. The roof area does not appear to be used as a terrace, as there is no railing and only a metal ladder leads up to the roof on the south side.

The house is impactful due to its simple design, the white facade, the blue window frames and the blue railing at the entrance door.


The house was built between 1933 and 1934.


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