Shop An der Märchenwiese 67 (1928)

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Walther Beyer

Address and directions

An der Märchenwiese 67
04277 Leipzig, Germany

Public transport: An der Märchenwiese Tram 10, 16

Access: Public building, free entry during working hours

Today's use: Shop


On 23 August 1928, the society Landes-Siedlungs- und Wohnungsfürsorgegesellschaft mbH "Sächsisches Heim" (Dresden) applied for the construction of a housing estate, that was called the Connewitz-Ost development plan. The housing estate was finished in the summer of 1929.

From a constructivist and aesthetic point of view, the houses belong to a style of traditional building of this region. Only two shops, An der Märchenwiese 66 and 67 have elements of the new international architecture. This impression is created by glass panels at the top of the shop windows, which can be illuminated from the inside in the dark.


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