Houses "Loos" of the Werbund Estate (1931)

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Adolf Loos, Heinrich (Jindřich) Kulka


Österreichischer Werkbund

Address and directions

Woinovichgasse 13, 15, 17, 19
1130 Vienna (Wien), Austria

Public transport: Gobergasse

Today's use: Apartments

Kulka did what Loos said...


In total, there are four houses with a floor area of 47 sqm and a usable floor area of 93 sqm. In part, Loos's theory of the "Raumplan" (room plan) is applied. This can be seen clearly on the south side with the large L-shaped windows as part of the two-storey living rooms. The implementation of the theory means that the largest windows are assigned to the main room, whereas other rooms are given different window shapes. 
The architects were criticised for allowing almost no variation of using rooms and furnitures for people's different needs. In addition, the gallery on the first floor, belonging to the living room, seems very impractical to us, as the settlement was intended to solve people's housing problems as part of "Red Vienna". 

It is a cute detail, that the terraces on the ground floor are fenced with flower tubs instead of railings, reinforcing the reference to the garden, used as the entrance from the gate to the house.

On the official website of the Werkbund Estate are much more details and beautiful models and floor plans presenting the individual rooms in the houses.


Our information about the Werkbund estate you can find if you click Österreichischer Werkbund as developer on this site.

When the planning and construction of the two semi-detached houses began, Adolf Loos's health was already very poor. The conception was taken over by Heinrich Kulka, who took few instructions from Loos on the phone.

The last renovation work carried out after 2011 exposed many original materials in the houses, so that lineoleum floors, fittings and window frames were carefully restored.




Construction types
casement hopper
along a street with/in a garden periphere/neighbourhood


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