Villa of Robert Schneider (vila Roberta Schneidera) (1930)

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Berty Vojtěch Ženatý

Address and directions

Černochova 184/10
779 00 Olomouc, Czechia

Public transport: Na Letné

Today's use: Villa

A little bit of US-architecture in Olomouc.


The architect was able to apply details he knew about architecture in the USA. Ženatý designed e.g. a centrally located living room with a fireplace. A face brick covering of the facade allows for the uniform outer appearance. Moreover, this house features a wooden supporting construction. The entrance of the house with a canopy is orientated towards the southwest. Although a southwest orientation of the terrace would have been suitable, the terrace is orientated to the northeast, facing the terrace to the house's garden. That was most probably a wish of the developers. The terrace rests on two pillars, facing the house's garden. On the southeast and northeast side, the villa's two chimneys are realised as a part of the facade. The height and shape of each hung window depends on the respective function of the room behind it. Unlike most Czech window types, the window types in question follow the American pattern of hung windows.

A website with some more pictures of the villa and the architect.


The house was built from 1930 to 1931 for Robert Schneider, the director of the insurance company Moravské životní pojišťovny. There are two more houses by the architect in Olomouc. This is the only one that has been preserved almost in its original condition.


Construction types
Face brick
terrace winter garden canopy column
periphere/neighbourhood with/in a garden/park


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