Housing estate Rundling II (Extension) (1930)

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Max Reimann, Hubert Ritter

Address and directions

Etzelstr. 3-15, Giselherstr. 1-14, 15/17 Gudrunstr. 32, 33, 34, 35, Kriemhildstr. 1-14, Ortrunweg 21, 22, 23, 24
04279 Leipzig, Germany

Public transport: Lößnig Tram 10, 16 / Dankwartstraße Bus 79

Today's use: Housing estate


This housing estate is called the extension of the Rundling housing estate. That is funny, because Rundling is derived from the German word "rund" and means: circularly shaped. This settlement would better be called the Rectangluar housing estate, because of it's street pattern with right-angled junctions.

All buildings in Etrzelstr. were designed by Hubert Ritter, how is the architect of the Rundling. In contrast to the Rundling, these houses have no balconies. They are facing south-north, so that the living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms of these houses face south. To the north are 2 rooms and the stairwells. The window of the 2nd room was only placed in the west or east facade at the front. All apartments have 49 square meters of living space. During the renovations after the political changes in Germany after 1990, the rooms on the south side were changed a little bit. The bathroom is now in the place of the bathroom and part of the former kitchen. A new partition was set up and the kitchen is now part of the living room, a so-called "Wohnküche".

All other buildings in the estate were designed by the architect Max Reimann. There are 4 long blocks along the streets Giselherstr. and Kriemhildstr. They don't have balconies. The apartments are all almost 50 square meters. To the north in the street Gudrunweg and Ortrunweg are another 4 blocks that also belong to this settlement. They each have balconies attached to the back.
All houses of the Rundling II settlement were very neglected during the time of GDR. Even after 2000, some blocks were empty and in very poor condition. The characteristic house numbers are replicas.


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