Houses "Lurçat" of the Werkbund Estate (1932)

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André Lurçat


Österreichischer Werkbund

Address and directions

Veitingergasse 87, 89, 91, 93
1130 Vienna (Wien), Austria

Public transport: Gobergasse

Today's use: Apartments

A symbol of the Vienna Werkbund Estate.


The official website on the estate Werkbundsiedlung contains many exciting pictures and models that illustrate the construction and use of the houses very clearly.

Four almost identical houses were built. With the desire to cover the ground with only a small building, each house has a floor area of only 38 square metres. The two upper floors result in a total living space of 68 square metres per flat, additionally the roof terrace.
It is very typical of housing estate construction of the time that the north side, in this case facing to the street, has the entrances and only small or few windows. That makes the north side often to appear very closed, adversarial and hard. The small windows on the north side belong to a toilet and the walls to living rooms, which have their large windows on the other side, facing south and the garden. The semi-circular extensions were built to house the staircases. The conception of the staircase outside the actual building has the advantage that all other rooms can be used for living.
On the east gable of the house is one of the letterings with the name of the housing estate.

Lurçat with Pierre Pinsard, Marcel Roux and Hermann John Hagemann designed also the interieurs and furnitures.


Our information about the Werkbund estate you can find if you click Österreichischer Werkbund as developer on this site.

One of the international architects was the French architect André Lurçat, who was already well-known at the time. 




Construction types
casement ribbon
pergola railing tower roof terrace canopy lettering
along a street with/in a garden periphere/neighbourhood


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