Indanthren-Haus (1928)

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Curt Schiemichen

Address and directions

Grimmaische Straße 26
04109 Leipzig, Germany

Public transport: Augustusplatz

Access: Public building, free entry during working hours

Today's use: Department store


In one of Leipzig's most important shopping streets stands a department store whose simple but effective facade design is striking. It has a ground floor, four storeys with hopper windows above and two recessed attic storeys. The building is cladded with stone, most probably shell limestone. The most effective accents are set by the horizontal light strips above the windows and the vertical light column on the right. Unfortunately, they are no longer used at night. When the building was newly erected, it was called Indanthren-Haus. Indathren a very durable textile dye. The advertisement for this house was once placed above the ground floor, additionally along the house on its right side along the vertical light column. Today, a clothing shop uses the upper ground floor zone for its own advertising. The building does not have a real back, it is connected to other buildings.

Although the first floor hung windows appear very effective, they are not original. In addition, the ground floor zone has been massively altered. However, the overall impression of the house has been preserved.

Old picture from 1930 we found on the website. It is the 3rd picture, where you can compare the differences.



During the times of GDR this building was used as a fashion shop called "Jugendmode". Today the ground floor, first floor and the basement are used as a fashion store.

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