Canottieri Lario (1931)

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Leopold (Matthias) Boedecker, Gianni Mantero

Address and directions

Viale Puecher, 6
22100 Como, Italy

Access: Accessible

Today's use: Headquarter of the rowing club, restaurant

The diving tower: a triumph of reinforced concrete


Gianni Mantero worked on the Canottieri Lario project based on a design by Zurich architect Boedeker, who specialised in buildings for rowing clubs.

The building stretches along the lakeshore and immediately shows the idea behind the project: to connect the athletes with the water of the Lario.

The large window of the athletes' lounge, the salon bar, opens the inside of the building to the lake and the surrounding mountains. From here the magnificent diving tower can be seen that extends towards the lake, with three diving towers of different heights, a kind of triumph of reinforced concrete.

The training room with the swimming pool and the fixed boat, the pavilion-store and the finishing elements, especially the staircase, are interesting. On the other hand, the armchairs and tables in the "completely new style", whose lines and fabrics were "adapted to the surroundings", are no longer on site.

Find interesting historical images of the design here.

(translated from the article on Ordine Architetti Como)


During the heyday of rationalism, led in Como by the architect Guiseppe Terragni, the entire lakeshore area was transformed. A sports centre was to be built. One of the facilities was the Canottieri Lario, the clubhouse of the rowing club. 

The building was considered a novelty in terms of building materials as well as solutions and was constructed in only seven months.

The diving tower is considered a landmark and is supposed to reflect the temperament of the Lario rower who stretches towards the water.

Historical images can be found on the website of the rowing club.

The building was extended in 1983 at the instigation of Enrico Mantero, who added the large glass and concrete volume (with sports hall and outdoor swimming pool) on the lakeside promenade, which fits in perfectly with the original structure of his father's project.


Construction types
reinforced concrete
flagpole terrace diving tower
along a street


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