Commerz- und Privatbank (ESO) (1938)

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Paul Brockardt


Commerz- und Privatbank Aktiengesellschaft

Address and directions

Mírové náměstí 102/26
400 01 Ústí nad Labem, Czechia

Public transport: Mírové náměstí

Today's use: Shops and offices

A bank called Eso?


A house that can be grasped quickly with its simple forms. The ground floor zone is provided for the bank and today shop areas and for the entrance to the staircase on the left side. Larger windows were installed on the first floor, which belong to the shop areas. Smaller windows for the apartments are linked above. The top floor is set back slightly and has a kind of dormer window. The house is designed with a very strict symmetry.

During the last modernization, the house was given thermal insulation and painted yellow. This greatly changed the original appearance of the house because the stone cladding can no longer be seen.


The building was opened in 1938.

This bank was firmly embedded in the politics of Nazi Germany. We can only speculate whether the building is related to Germany's political position. Perhaps the economic strength of the region was simply interesting for the bank? However, this German bank opens this branch in Ústí nad Labem in the politically very turbulent year 1938 with a predominantly German-speaking population that lived in Ústí nad Labem until 1945. On September 30, 1938, the "Munich Agreement" between Germany, UK, France and Italy was signed without the participation of Czechoslovakia, whereby the border areas of Czechoslovakia (so called "Sudentenland") had to be ceded to Germany.

After World War II this building was part of the "Eso" chain. Expensive groceries could be bought there. This name is still attached to the house today, because the play bar on the ground floor adopted this name. The residents of Ústí nad Labem call this building still today "Eso".

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