Kotlářská 34-50 (1938)

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Jaroslav Brázda, Václav Dvořák

Address and directions

Kotlářská 668/34, 669/36, 670/38, 671/40, 672/42, 673/44, 674/46, 675/48, 676/50
602 00 Brno, Czechia

Public transport: Pionýrská

Today's use: Apartments and shops

This long block of nine houses gives the neighboorhood a metropolitan atmosphere.


One block with nine apartment buildings with nearly same design. All have a ground floor, five floors and an attic. On the ground floor of the houses 668/34, 669/36 and 676/50 shops are inserted on the ground floor. The remaining houses have a flat on the ground floor. All entrances are on the left of each house, leading to the staircases with the typical construction by Dvořák. Only the house 676/50 is designed with two commercial spaces on the ground floor and it differs from the others, that it entrance is in the middle, flanked by two shops on the left and right, and it is desidned with a corner. The 7 upper houses are identical. They have a glazed bay windowed porch in the living room on the first floor. Above that, all the windows are ribbon windows. A small balcony has always been attached to the right of them as a niche.

Only the two lower houses differ. No. 675/48, because the bay window construction on the first floor is slightly different, and No. 676/50, because the entrance is in the middle, flanked by two shops on the left and right, and on the corner.

All houses have an identical interior layout with two two-room apartments on each floor except the ground floor, where there is a one-room apartment in the front wing and two free rooms in the courtyard.

The ground floor zone is cladded with black opaque glass, contrasting very strongly with the rest of the light-coloured tiles of the upper floors. It is also interesting that the individual houses do not stand in a straight line, but are slightly offset from each other. This results in a rhythmic zigzag shape of the cornices.

The construction is a made of a sceleton made of reinforced concrete and filled with bricks.



These houses were built between 1938 and 1940.

Read more about the former Jewish factory on this plot and about the rumour, what Nikita Khrushchev, the First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union thought about these houses.

The block has been a listed by the Czech National Heritage since 2007.

Construction types
masoned reinforced concrete
casement ribbon
balcony winter garden
along a street periphere/neighbourhood


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