Rudolf Schwarz

May 15, 1898 in Strasbourg, France
April 3, 1961 in Cologne (Köln), Germany

Rudolf Schwarz went to Berlin to study architecture between 1914 and 1919. He was strongely connected with Catholicism and started to study theology. He was involved in the Catholic Youth movement Quickborn. The used as a centre Burg Rothenfels, where he renovated the chapel and got in close contact with sacral elements. In the following years he became an architect for many churches. He worked also as a teacher at Colleges of Design in Offenbach and since 1927 in Aachen. The Nazis closed the school in 1934. He worked as a freelancer until 1940. In the years of World War II he earned his money as a loading planner in occupied France.

After the war he concetrated on the re-building and constructing of Cologne and churches.



Aachen, Germany
St. Corpus Christi (St. Fronleichnam)