Richard Brademann

May 17, 1884 in Halberstadt, Germany
April 20, 1965 in Berlin, Germany

Richard Brademann studied architecture in Berlin until 1913. He started a career as an official architect of the railways. First they were calles Preußische Staatseisenbahnen (Prussian State Railways), from 1920-1924 German Reichseisenbahn and since 1924 Deutsche Reichsbahn (German National Railways). Until 1939 he was the main architect of the Berlin S-Bahn and other technical facilities.

As an active member of the NSDAP party (Adolf Hitler) he prepared already at the beginning of 1933 a list of person working for the staff of the German National Railways, which not suited in their own opinion to the Nazi regime, such as Jews, democrats or communists. It seems to be absurd and ridiculous, because he announced by himself in 1937, that his grandmother was Jewish. Adolf Hitler decided that Brademann can continue within the party as a simple member (einfaches Mitglied).

After World War II he worked in socialist Yugoslavia, what is an interstering aspect, because of his Nazi career. In Germany he was not allowed to work. He most probably retired at the end of the 1940s or early 1950s and went to West Berlin, where he died in 1965.



Berlin, Germany
Berlin S-Bahn station Humboldthain