Martin Elsaesser

May 28, 1884 in Tübingen, Germany
Aug. 5, 1957 in Stuttgart, Germany

Martin Elsaesser's works is very extensive: both in terms of building types, whether churches, wholesale markets, residential buildings and also the variety of styles shaped by the times. He studied architecture at two universities between 1901 and 1906. He started with contemporary styles and mostly designed churches in the first years. In 1920 he became the director of Cologne Art School. After Ernst May became city planner in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, Martin Elsaesser became the main architect in Frankfurt and its project Das Neue Frankfurt (The New Frankfurt) between 1925 an d 1931. Ernst May left Germany after the economic crisis and went to the Soviet Union. That's why Elsaesser stopped working as the main architect in Frankfurt/M.

The rise of the Nazis became his great disadvantage. Since he did not support right-wing politics, he received no orders in Germany. He was able to partially save himself with construction projects in Ankara, Turkey. After the war he moved to Stuttgart and then to Munich to work as a professor at the Munich Technical University.



Hamburg, Germany
Villa Reemtsma