Gustav Wilhelm Berringer

Feb. 17, 1880 in Rostock, Germany
Aug. 17, 1953 in Berlin, Germany

Gustav Wilhelm Berringer studied architecture at three universities. In 1905 he enroled on classical phililogy at Rostock University. After a short time working as an architect in Berlin, he started as city master mason in Rostock in 1913. In 1923 he became director of the Rostock City Planning Office until he retired in 1934. He was forced to quit his job, because the German Nazis did not supported his architecture, influenced by international trends.

He went to Switzerland, later to Göttingen, Germany and at the end he moved to Berlin, the hometown of his son.



Rostock, Germany
National Grammar School (Staatliches Lyzeum) and Grammar School (Oberlyzeum)