Giuseppe Terragni

April 18, 1904 in Meda, Italy
July 19, 1943 in Como, Italy

Giuseppe Terragni studied architecture between 1921 and 1926. Together with six collegues he founded the Gruppo 7. Following modern trends in European architecture, they pointed out, to stay in contact with the national, let's say local tradition of architecture. They tried to implement elements of the antiquity and Renaissance, creating geometric buildings. The group was renamed twice. They influenced the modern Italian architecture.

They were also successful because they supported Mussolini's political course during fascism in Italy and were part of a state architecture. In addition to public buildings, many residential buildings are also part of his work.

During World War II he served as a soldier. He fell ill in Russia. In the end he died of thrombosis.



Como, Italy
House of the Fascists (Casa del Fascio)