Georg Fredrik Fasting

June 7, 1903 in Spydeberg, Norway
Feb. 11, 1987 in Trondheim, Norway

Georg Fredrik Fasting was a Norwegian architect. He designed the famous Norwegian red telephone booth, of which there are 100 in Norway.

Fasting studied at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTH) in Trondheim from 1924 to 1928. After his studies, he worked as an architectural assistant for Leif Grung (between 1928-29), Thorolf Hals Frølich (1929–32), and Sigurd Lunde (1932–36). From 1936 to 1950, Fasting ran his own architectural firm. After the war, Fasting lost the right to hold positions in the Norwegian Architects' Association for one year, until January 1, 1947. Similar penalties were imposed on architects who had directly or indirectly worked for the Germans or the National Unity during the war. From 1949 to 1966, he served as the county architect in Nord-Trøndelag, and from 1966 to 1973, in Hordaland. Fasting designed residential buildings, commercial properties, zoning plans, schools, and hospitals.



Oslo, Norway
Telephone booth