Carl Emil Buch

Feb. 28, 1892 in Laksevåg, Norway
Dec. 31, 1968 in Oslo, Norway

Carl Emil Buch was a Norwegian architect. Buch collaborated for many years with Lorentz Harboe Ree. Together, they designed notable structures such as Kinopaleet and the Vigeland Museum.

In 1923, Buch and Lorentz Harboe Ree emerged as winners in an architectural competition for new newspaper kiosks organized by Narvesens Kioskkompagni. Their winning entry was the design for the Tyrihans kiosk, which was subsequently erected in various locations across the country. As of 2018, one specimen of the Tyrihans kiosk stands in the open-air museum at the Norwegian Folk Museum. This particular kiosk was relocated to the museum in 1986 from its original site at Carl Berners plass in Oslo, and it is the only one of these kiosks that still exists.

In 1926, Buch was awarded the Houens Foundation's diploma alongside Lorentz Harboe Ree for Gustav Vigeland's studio and museum at Nobels gate 32. Additionally, they jointly received the Sundt Prize in 1938 for the residential complex at Gabels gate 46 and Vestheimgata 6 in Frogner, Oslo.