Bruno Paul

Jan. 19, 1974 in Seifhennersdorf, Germany
Aug. 17, 1968 in Berlin, Germany

Bruno Paul studied art and painting and designed interieurs first. Later he incorporated his skills in designing architecture and creating a kind of total work of art. This was a perfect combination to work for the Hellerau workshops in Dresden. His first house was built in Munich in 1906. Until the 1920s, the houses were a stylistic mix between classicism and country house style. He opened offices in Berlin and Cologne and met later architects like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe as students. His interest for new construction methods also influenced the architectural style and the building types. Besides houses for rich peopöe he started to design department stores and administration buildings. Besides his work as an architect he teached at art schools and was director of a Berlin Art School.

With the Nazis taking over power in Germany he first stopped working as an architect. But already in 1934 he started to design new housing estates close to industries. At the end he became a member of the Nazi party NSdAP and a protected architect.

After World War II he stayed in Western Germany and died in Berlin.



Cologne (Köln), Germany