Adolf Gustav Schneck

June 7, 1883 in Esslingen am Neckar, Germany
March 27, 1971 in Schmiden, Germany

Gustav Schneck completed an apprenticeship as a furniture maker and took over his father's furniture business. Later he studied at two universities in Stuttgart and became an independent architect in 1919.He continued to work with furniture and incorporated this knowledge into the concept of the Deutscher Werkbund and developed the furniture programme Die billige Wohnung (The cheap Apartment). 

He redesigned the Tübingen chair (Tübinger Stuhl), which was used for centuries in Western German pubs and restaurants.

During the Nazi regime, he became a party member of the NSdAP and a professor at the Württemberg Academy of Fine Arts. After World War II, he was categorised as merely a fellow traveller of the Nazis and retained his position as a professor.



Stuttgart, Germany