Schweizerischer Werkbund (SWB)


The Schweizerische Werkbund (Werkbund Suisse) was founded in 1913 in Zürich on the model of the Deutscher Werkbund. Alongside the Schweizer Heimatschutz (SHS), Swiss Association for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, it represents another important institution for reform ideas in Switzerland. It did not see itself as an association of interests for professions, but as an association of ideas.

Alfred Johann Altherr was the initiator of the association of architects, craftsmen and industrialists from all over Switzerland.

The Werkbund was of the opinion that bringing together the executing workers and the conceptual designers in industry and craft not only brings more joy to the process itself, but also enables higher quality. The demand for quality work was central to this.

In 1914, the Schweizerische Werkbund, together with the Bund Schweizer Architekten (Association of Swiss Architects), founded the journal "Das Werk - Architektur und Kunst", which was published until 1976.

The Schweizerischer Werkbund still exists today, you can find all information on the Werkbund website.