Manifesto for the first Bauhaus exhibition (Manifest zur ersten Bauhaus-Ausstellung), 1923


Oskar Schlemmer wrote this manifesto in 1923 on the occasion of the first Bauhaus exhibition in Weimar. The "Haus Am Horn" was presented as a result of the Bauhaus theories and works.

Schlemmer calls for everything to be reorganised after World War I and for people to learn to think in new categories, paradoxes, in order to create something new. The text is written extremely pathetically and metaphorically.

The phrase that the Bauhaus was a "cathedral of socialism", as a place for different people with one political goal, resulted that the manifesto was destroyed and not published. Nevertheless, a few copies were printed and caused in the following years that conservative politicians regarded the Bauhaus as a haven for radical left-wing artists.

The German version.