Flachhaussiedlung Thekla (1931)

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Kurt Schwarze

Address and directions

Lidicestraße 15, 15a-15d, 17, 17a-17d, Rostocker Straße 14, 16, 18, 20, 22
04349 Leipzig, Germany

Public transport: Neutzscher Straße

Today's use: Terraced houses

An unusual architectural project in Leipzig, which appears very simple and clean.


Each of the three rows are composed of five houses. Eventually single-storey houses with small apartments were realised in this project. With their flat roofs they were particularly distinct from buildings of the rather rural Thekla-neighborhood of that time.

The blicker brick framed doors were only original decoration of the facade.

The houses of the rows not facing Rostocker Straße are accessed via cul-de-sac roads from Lidicestraße. In the north a small footpath conects Rostocker Straße with the cul-de-sac roads. Due to this arrangement, both the entrance sides and the garden sides of the houses are visible from the cul-de-sac roads. Entrance doors face the north-eas whereas the gardens face the more sunny southwest.



15 houses were built between 1931 and 1932. It is assumed that the building site in Leipzig-Thekla was inexpensive, therefore there was no need for the construction of houses with two or more floors, which would have led to higher erection costs. Due to the long-time private ownership of the single houses, lots of individual alternations have been made to the exteriors of the houses.

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