Single family house Richter (1927)

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Ferdinand Willy Richter

Address and directions

Kickerlingsberg 15
04105 Leipzig, Germany

Public transport: Fritz-Seger Straße Tram 12 / Stallbaumstraße Tram 4

Today's use: Apartments


The history of this house, designed by the architect Ferdinand Willy Richter as his own family house, is exciting. It is Leipzig's first residential building that implements the elements of modern construction. Almost no decoration, only a small plastic with elephants is attached to the right of the main door. Otherwise it is only the cubic structure, the large windows and the few colours that serve as decorations. The window frames are green, the doors are red, the facade is painted white. The city of Leipzig rejected his plan, because they did not want a "box house" opposite the Gohliser Schlösschen, a rococo garden house. He was asked to either revise the construction or to find another building site. So Richter decided to revise the plans. However, for the construction works he took the first plans again and was successful. In spring 1928 the moved into this house. The garage on the ground floor is now part of a kitchen. After the renovation in 1997, the house was divided into 3 apartments.


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