Semi-detached house Kleiststr. 81/83 (1927)

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C. F. Theodor Leuthier, Alfred Rieffel

Address and directions

Kleiststr. 81/83
04157 Leipzig, Germany

Public transport: Baaderstr. tram 12

Today's use: Duplex house


This house is very noticeable, on the one hand because of the chosen colours, and on the other hand because of the use of clinker bricks, the central, highlighted plastered area and the flat roof. How much the devolopers of this house saved due to the choice of material and the reduction of material was highlighted before the construction began: hollow brick blocks for the masonry and the flat roof. In the basement of the houses are situated garages (removed at nr. 83) and the laundry rooms. On the ground floor in each half of the building are two living rooms and a dining room, the kitchen and a toilet. On the first floor there were three bedrooms as well as washroom, toilet and bathroom. The garden infront of the house had to be designed according to some regulations as an ornamental garden.


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