Schocken Cottbus (1925)

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Rudolf Stiefler, Ernst Könecke

Address and directions

Schloßkirchplatz 5
03046 Cottbus, Germany

Public transport: Altmarkt / Stadtpromenade

Today's use: Apartments, café

Cottbus is home to one of Germany's first modern buildings.


As an expressionist building it is stepped along its length.  The sloping position of the house between the neighbouring buildings was most likely used for this. 
The ground floor features two large window panes and the entrance area. The floors above are more clearly structured by concrete window bands above the windows. The illuminated advertising for Schocken is still preserved on the roof. They used a large S, illuminatedby neon tubes.


Considering that modern architecture was only just developing in Germany in 1925, Cottbus is home to a very early example of modern interwar architecture. The house was opened as part of the Schocken department store on 19 October 1926. This building served as an extension to the Schocken department store, which had been located in Cottbus since 1913. It used the building at the street Spremberger Straße. The main building was destroyed in World War II. This building also suffered severe damage, but was repaired in 1950. The main building was demolished in 1980 due to its poor condition. This building was used as a department store for children's clothing and underwear until 1993. A heavily damaged rear building was demolished in 2000. The front building was renovated in 2005. 


clinker brick concrete profiles
corner casement ribbon
along a street centre of a city/town/village


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