Říhova vila (Říha's villa) (1929)

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Josef Karel Říha

Address and directions

Nad Santoškou 1911/1
150 00 Prague (Praha), Czechia

Public transport: Nad Laurovou Bus 153 / Laurová Tram 7, 21

Today's use: Villa


In 1929, construction work began on this villa, which the architect himself moved into in 1930.

The entire building is in a very poor condition. The windows are with plastic frames, some are smashed. The paint is peeling off.

The entrance is on the north side. As the terrain rises in a southerly direction, stairs on the west side lead up to the house. On this side, the villa has a five-storey structure. On the ground floor, a garage is situated next to the staircase. On the 1st floor, a door leads into the house. This area is the ground floor of the villa. It appears to be a suterrain flat. The main entrance door to the villa is on the 2nd floor. It has a small canopy. At this floor begins the living area of the house, which has a total of three floors. The house is easily visible from all sides. The building also has many windows on the east side. To take advantage of the sun, the two upper floors of the south-east side have large windows.

The north side, east side and south-east side of the house form a structure with two storeys. On the west and southwest sides, the main cubus is joined by a second second cubus, one storey higher than the main cubus. This part of the house is decorated with a small balcony facing south.

This highest area of the house has a railing on the flat roof. It might be possible that the flat roof of the second cubus is used as a terrace.


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