Veterans' Club (Ratnički dom) (1930)

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Jovan Jovanović, Živojin Piperski

Address and directions

Braće Jugovića 19
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Public transport: Trg Republike

Today's use: Military Club of Serbia

In the centre of Belgrade this building is very striking, as on Francuska Street a corner tower with a clock and a flagpole dominat the building and the view.


Probably the most modernist element is the tower with the clock and flagpole. The windows are rather small. The ground floor is preceded by an entrance zone. With its decorated columns it belongs more to popubular architectural style remembering the Serbian Middle Ages.

Large staircase windows have been inserted at the rear of the building.


The construction for the Veterans' Club (in Serbian Cyrillic Ратнички дом) began in October 1930 and the building was finished on May, 29 1932.

In 1984, the building was declared a cultural asset by the Belgrade municipality. Today it is called Dom vojske (Home of the army) and houses parts of the Ministry of Defence.

A detailed description of the building.


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