Palace Letná (Palác Letná) (1937)

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Evžen Rosenberg

Address and directions

Milady Horákové 387/56
170 00 Prague (Praha), Czechia

Public transport: Letenské náměstí

Access: Public building, free entry during working hours

Today's use: Apartments, café, library

A grey beauty...


The seven-storey building has public spaces on the ground and first floors. At the bottom right, the Erhart confectionery has existed since 1937. Inside, many original furnishings have been preserved. On the left side were shops that are now used by the city library. Very interesting details are the chrome window and door frames and the two small trapezoidal glass showcases on the ground floor. The business premises in the lower area are separated from the upper living areas by a reinforced concrete awning. Glass concrete blocks from the Verlith brand were inserted into the awning. 
The ribbon windows of the upper floors, placed slightly in front of the facade, give the house a very orderly character and an idea that the flats also have a kind of shop windows. The top floor is slightly set back. The continuous roof terrace with its glass railing picks up the rhythm of the rows of windows below.  


On a plaque on the ground is written: „PALÁC LETNÁ POSTAVIL V ROCE 1937 BOHUSLAV J. HANÁK. PROJEKTOVAL AKAD. ARCH. EVŽEN ROSENBERG. STAVBU PROVEDLA ČESKOMORAVSKÁ STAVEBNÍ A. S., that means: LETNÁ PALACE BUILT IN 1937. BY BOHUSLAV J. HANÁK. DESIGNED BY ARCHITECT EVŽEN ROSENBERG. CONSTRUCTION WAS CARRIED OUT BY ČESKOMORAVSKÁ STAVEBNÍ A. S. Unfortunately, we could not find out who commissioned the house.The Erhart confectionery on the ground floor has been in continuous operation since 1937. In 2002, the house was declared a cultural monument.


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Construction types
reinforced concrete
casement fixed hopper
awning flagpole railing roof terrace lettering
along a street periphere/neighbourhood


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