Administration building District and Tax Offices (Okresní a finanční úřady) (1935)

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Josef Gočár


Ministerstvo financí (Czechoslovak Ministry of Finance)

Address and directions

Československé armády 408
500 03 Hradec Králové, Czechia

Public transport: Magistrát města

Today's use: Municipality

Josef Gočár's last project in Hradec Králové.


The building is H-shaped. The construction consists of a reinforced concrete skeleton with bricks as filling material. The white facade is a lime plaster. Originally it was the seat of the district office, from the main entrance the left part in the northwest, and the tax office in the right part, towards the southeast. The main entrance is part of a area looking like a triumphal arch in the middle. The two columns , typical for Gočár's work, are impressively presented, as they achieve their particular effect at this point due to the height. This area is particularly highlighted by the green tiles. The entrance forms only a ground floor zone. The roof above it symbolically spanned the both administrations. Corridors lead from the central three-storey building to the two symmetrically situated four-storey buildings, which adjoin at a 90-degree angle.

A Japanese garden was planned in the inner courtyard as a connection with the nearby parks of the city's circuit. The garden has never been carried out because the two offices could not agree.

A sandstone sculpture completes the entrance. It shows a lion, the heraldic animal of the Kingdom of Bohemia and Czechia. It was created by Vincenc Makovský, one of the most important Czechoslovak sculptors before and after World War II.


The former District and Taxes offices were built between summer 1935 and summer 1936. The building is part of Gočár's regulation plans for Hradec Králové. Since 1987 the building is protected by the Czech National Heritage Institute. Between 1997 and 1999 it was renovated and houses today the Municipality of Hradec Králové.

For more details and information about the interior and what the local press wrote about this building.

Construction types
reinforced concrete
plaster tiles
casement hopper
flagpole sculpture lettering pillar
along a street centre of a city/town/village


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