Husův sbor Smíchov (Hussite community) (1935)

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Stanislav Vachata


Církev československá (husitská)

Address and directions

Na Václavce 117/1
150 00 Prague (Praha), Czechia

Public transport: Santoška Bus 137

Access: Public building, free entry during working hours

Today's use: Church


Some sources say, that the construction of the church is according to the plan of architects E. Sobotka and Stanislav Vachata from 1933. Unforntunatly until now are not available further information about the architects. Perhaps there will be other results in the future. The construction carried out the company of Václav Nekvasil in 1935. The construction lasted 10 months and the basic building material was concrete.

The tower at the north-east corner of the church is 21 metres high. It has long windows, 4 clocks, a viewing platform and at the top the symbol of the Hussite Church, the chalice.

Another interesting symbol is just above the entrance to the main building on the roof. A cross typical for Orthodox churches. It dates from the time when an independent Czechoslovak church was formed with a strong pro-Orthodox direction in it, which eventually split off and formed a own Czechoslovak Orthodox Church.

The staggered architecture has stairs leading to the first floor.

Inside there is a bust and memorial stone to Karel Farský, the co-founder, bishop and first patriarch of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church.


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